My First Blog Post! . . . well, not really . . . but my first blog post for my new website!

Welcome here!

Ingrid Misner is a professional photographer based in Winnipeg, Canada. She photographs assignments from coast to coast which makes living in the centre of Canada ideal for her travel assignments. Ingrid’s areas of focus are, but not limited to, hotel & hospitality, architectural interiors & exteriors, executive portraits, family portraits and food & product.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.
Ingrid Misner, Professional Photographer, Canada.

That wonderful quote is the way I live my life. I often tell people, “I’m just me.”…that’s all I
know how to be. Just me.

It is because of this, being myself, that has helped me cultivate relationships over the
years with many of my clients as a professional photographer. Many of whom, have
become friends and close acquaintances.

As I journey out on this new adventure, starting up my new photography studio, this is
the first post on my new blog – so stay tuned for more! Subscribe below to be notified
when I post updates and new images of my assignments. I look forward to hearing from
you or meeting you soon.

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