Family Portraits: Are they important?

Family Portraits, are they important? For me and my family, they have always played an important part in our life. Family portraits connect you to the people you love and let them be connected to us. When you think about it, family portraits are all about connections.

Now more than ever, our world is in “the digital age”. We should be thankful for that, especially during this historic pandemic that the world is currently facing. Can you imagine what it would be like to not have a digital world? (Some of us are actually old enough to remember that!) No Zoom calls, Netflix, Social Media, etc. These are the tools that keep us connected with our loved ones, entertain us and help us continue to work or go to school.

Because of the digital world and more specifically digital photography, we can share our lives in so many different ways. Stay connected. Personally, I love being able to post pictures of my daughter and our dog on a special occasion. I proudly share some of the simplest moments of my life for my friends and family to see. Especially with all my family and many friends back home in Toronto. It’s a way for them to be a part of my life, despite the long distance between us.

But, this also means that your family photographs, pictures of the people you love most in the world, shouldn’t just be found on computers and phones. Your portraits belong on the walls of your home. They belong in the homes of your family.

Beyond just being a great way to decorate your home, hanging family photographs on your walls has other benefits as well.

Psychologists have studied the effect of having family photographs displayed in the home. They found that children with photographs displayed in the home grew up with greater confidence and a sense of belonging than those who didn’t. They had stronger feelings of value and a better understanding of where they came from.

And it’s not just our children who benefit from seeing photographs on the walls. On the hard days, and there are many we have all experienced in the last few months, seeing those photographs on your wall can boost your spirits too. Now, I’m not saying that hanging family pictures on your wall will solve all the world’s problems or this pandemic. But it can give you a little boost, a little pause, a moment of gratitude for the amazing people in your life. Don’t we need that now more than ever!

Travel is still not ideal. Travel is still restricted or discouraged and gathering numbers have been lowered. Many families will not be able to have their whole family over to celebrate the holidays. Families will be apart, maybe for the first time, for the festive celebrations. Like myself, you may not be able to travel home to be with your family for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. So how can you feel connected to them?

If you can’t be there in person this year, why not gift your family with something truly special. The gift of a professional portrait. A holiday greeting card with your portraits on them arriving in the mail. Something that they can enjoy day after day. When they miss you, all they have to do is look up onto the mantel, bookshelf or wall, and admire a beautiful portrait of you, your children and your family. What better gift can you really give this year? So I ask you again, are family portraits important?

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