Executive Group Portraits during Covid-19 times

The Uncertainty

With the Covid-19 restrictions to keep everyone safe, it’s pretty difficult to do executive group portraits or business group pictures during these times. There’s a lot of questions and uncertainty if this can be accomplished with the social distancing requirements and having to wear masks. It can make it seem tough or merely impossible. Or is it?

We are over a year into the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and our world had changed like none of us could have ever imagined. The photography industry is no different from so many other industries. Many have felt the impact economically and have had to make adjustments in how they now conduct business. In how businesses provide services and products to their customers.

The Solution

So what can be done to solve the problem of not being able to be together in a group picture? I had to come up with this solution for my client Wellington-Altus recently who needed an updated business group photo. My solution….photograph everyone separately to then merge them into a team photo in Adobe Photoshop. Sounds easy right? Well, it is if your professional photographer has the required equipment, knowledge, and past experience of how to accomplish this task. Planning and then executing it correctly is key to pulling it off so that no one would be any wiser. 🙂

Here are the individual images used to create the final image and then click on the video to watch it happen!

In order to make sure I had options for everyone. I photographed them standing facing both directions, and the majority of the team I also photographed sitting on a stool facing both directions. This gave me enough images to choose from to create the final team photo. In fact, because of the variety of the poses I photographed, I was able to create not only one, but two team photos for them to use as they need for their marketing needs.

Individual Business Portraits

In addition to photographing the entire team for the executive group photo, everyone also got a refresh on their individual business portraits as well. All of this was accomplished in a short time at their offices in a very safe environment and which also allowed the team to continue working and staying productive…managing your investments.

If you or your team are looking to update your executive portraits, it can be done safely and adhere to all the Covid precautions and guidelines. Contact me at 431.373.0700 or ingrid@ingridmisner.com for more information.

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