Fall Family Portraits

Fall Family Portrait

Is there anything more spectacular than fall family portraits? As a professional portrait photographer, this is my favourite phrase: FALL IS COMING! Fall is MAGICAL, BREATHTAKING & CRAZY BUSY for family photographers in Manitoba. It’s a photographer’s dream. We get inspired by the beautiful autumn colours that mother nature graces us with and with a family’s love. For me, Fall is THE best season for family photos, Mother Nature puts on a show and it provides epic surroundings for touching storytelling.

When to book your Fall Family Portraits?

Let’s get logistics out of the way. The answer to this question is yesterday… LOL. Seriously, Fall is the most popular season for photos in Manitoba. Why? The amazing foliage! It’s breathtaking, it’s beautiful, it’s beyond your (and my) wildest dreams.

Photographers Fall calendar books up quickly. And here in Manitoba with the days getting shorter and only a few weeks of optimal colours, you want to book as quickly as possible, however, a truly talented photographer can capture beautiful images at any time of the year.

At what time of the day do Fall Sessions take place?

Regardless of the season, photographers shoot around the Golden Hour (sunrise & sunset). The best light is 60-90 minutes around sunrise and sunset. Then we get the blue hour (which is that soft light after the sun is set).

In Winnipeg, in late September/early October sunrise is around 7:20 am! This is AWESOME news for sunrise sessions, no need to wake up at 5 am for photos! At that time of the year, sunset is around 7:15 pm. Booking the best time for the light will give you the most spectacular fall portraits. Here’s a link to find out sunrise and sunset. I use it all the time!

Greeting Cards! Why yes please. 🙂

Holiday Cards are incredible! They remind us of how much we love our families and friends and how much we are loved back by them. Moreover, I am grateful for my career and how blessed I am to capture lifetime memories for each of the families! Yet the real purpose of hiring a professional family photographer is to invest in memories.

Why is Family Photography important?

Most importantly, celebrating and embracing your loved ones is at the core of my Family Photography.

Secondly, the holiday cards are just a tiny reason, these artistic family portraits with a purpose will live in your heart and in your homes for years to come.

In conclusion, don’t let foliage determine if/when you book your session, follow your heart and make the investment when it feels the right time do to so. No matter the month or time of year, I will scout a dream location and your family’s essence will be captured with love and purpose!

Tips on what to wear: Click Here