Professional Amazon Product Photography. Why is it important for sales?

professional azmazon product photography

If you’re an Amazon seller, then you know that having professional Amazon product photography is essential to your success. Good photography can make or break a sale, so it’s important to invest in quality images that will make your product stand out from the competition. If you are just starting out as an Amazon seller, then it’s important to know that investing in professional porduct photography is worth the investment.

As someone selling products online, you know that good photography is essential in order to make a sale. After all, potential buyers can’t pick up and inspect your product in person, so it’s important to have high-quality images that will give them a clear idea of what they’re buying. Sadly, many online sellers don’t invest in quality product photography, opting instead for amazon selfies or poorly lit pictures taken with their cell phones. As a result, their products look cheap and unprofessional, which makes it hard to compete with the competition. If you want your product to stand out from the crowd, then it’s worth investing in professional photography. A good photographer will be able to capture your product in its best light, highlighting its features and details of the product.

Jewellery photography is a specialised form of photography

Dani-Lee knew that hiring a professional to photograph her Clay Bead Jewellery Making Kit was the right choice for her to succeed. Jewellery photography is a specialised form of photography that requires a high level of skill, equipment and experience. Professional jewellery photographers use a variety of techniques to capture the unique details and characteristics of each piece of jewellery or in this case bead. 

Photographing the beads on a white background is not only the Amazon requirement, but it also helped to accentuate the brilliance of the bead colours and metals. Close-up shots of the tiny beads showcase the intricate workmanship of each item included in the kit. It helps give viewers a full understanding of what they are purchasing. 

One of the best ways to make your products stand out is to use models in your product photography. Dani-Lee knew this will help potential customers visualise how the jewellery looks when worn. How it’s an interactive and skill-building exercise for your children and it can also be a great way to show off the different styles or pieces that could be made. Getting great product shots, and using models can be a great way to increase your sales on Amazon.

To view Dani-Lee’s product…visit her Amazon page HERE. She sent the images into a graphic designer to add some elements and a few stock images to also help improve it’s ranking on Amazon. Every little detail helps, but it starts with great professional photography.

25 Years of Product Photography Experience.

With over 25 years of experience photographing a wide range of products from jewellery to large professional stainless steel kitchen ranges, I can take care of all your photography needs. From setting up the perfect shot to post-processing the image for optimal results. I know what it takes to make your product stand out from the competition. I am dedicated to helping you succeed. To view more of my product photography, click HERE.

Product photography can make or break your success on Amazon. Poor quality photos will result in fewer sales and a lower ranking on the site. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, then professional Amazon product photography is a must. Luckily for you, I offer high-quality product photography services that are perfect for Amazon sellers. Contact me today to discuss your needs and see how I can help you create beautiful, eye-catching product photos that will help increase your sales and get you closer to achieving your business goals.

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