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Professional Business Portrait

Chosen as one of the Top 5 Headshot Photographers in Winnipeg by Best in Winnipeg.

Best in Winnipeg chose Ingrid Misner as the best headshot photographer in Winnipeg. She has over 25 years of experience and has created images for hundreds of professionals across Manitoba.

There is no greater value to you as a professional in today’s world of business than a Professional Headshot or business portrait. This is true in both B2B and B2C industries. Today, more than ever, having a professional, quality headshot is crucial (and expected) in the business world. It is your first line of introduction to new clients.

Hiring a professional who knows what they are doing is the key to a great shot and a great experience. Looking natural, good lighting, and genuine expressions are so important to a great headshot and a professional should be able to help guide you through the process.

Why a professional image? Why hire the best headshot photographer in Winnipeg? If you want to improve your ability to attract interest on LinkedIn and other social media platforms, and have a more professional image on the company website and in your sales and marketing strategies, then you need the first impression to be the best impression. It’s important for those looking for jobs, as well as those simply wanting to build connections or remain open for the right opportunity. One of the most important things that have been proven is the value of having…a professional headshot/business portrait. It’s worth the investment!

A professional and experienced headshot and business portrait photographer can provide you with wardrobe advice, location advice, hair and makeup advice and really bring out the best “you”. Yes, mobile phones do a pretty good job these days, but there is no replacement for understanding good light, how to position the subject, or bringing out the best in someone’s personality. It also doesn’t replace the expertise of retouching the image retouching. Retouching is an art in itself. A professional photographer with years of experience will know how to finish the image so you still look like you and should bring out the very best in the person they are photographing.

A professional headshot is truly priceless. It is your brand and your first line of introduction, make it a quality one. To inquire about a professional headshot session, contact me, I would love to help make the process easy and enjoyable as well as provide you with an image you will be proud to show.

Best in Winnipeg named Ingrid Misner one of the best Headshot Photographers in Winnipeg. I’m honoured to have been chosen. You can find the article here.

Named one of Winnipeg’s Top 5 Headshot Photographers by Best in Winnipeg

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