Ingrid Misner is a professional photographer with over 25 years of experience in many areas of the industry. Her areas of focus are, but not limited to; Business and Executive Portraits, Interior & Exterior Photography, Hotel & Hospitality Photography, Product Photography, Food Photography, Lifestyle & Editorial photography and Personal & Family Portraits.

Ingrid was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and is a first-generation Canadian. After obtaining her photography diploma at Humber College, she launched her photography career by travelling across western Canada capturing portraits for hundreds of people for a major international portrait company. During this time she decided to relocate to Winnipeg and launched her amazing creative career that spans all over Canada.

Photography is the perfect mixture of creativity, art, and science for Ingrid’s innovative and imaginative mind.

Ingrid’s work is characterized by personal attention to quality, an eye for detail, pre-organization of the project and consistent communication with clients. Using current digital technology and employing her own personal style, Ingrid is able to craft beautiful images that evoke a sense of personality, place and being. Using both natural and artificial light to capture the essence of her subjects, her retouching techniques, all of her images are crafted with an eye on creating a realistic representation of what she is capturing, whether it be a space, product or person.

“I love architecture and good design. All the little details that make a space great are what get me excited to photograph it.” ~ Ingrid

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