Everyone has to eat to survive. We need to make that choice every day, but what makes us choose a particular item?

My goal as a food photographer is to help make that choice effortless for the consumer, whether it be at a restaurant or in the grocery store.

I, Ingrid Misner, a food photographer, believe that it begins with choosing good food photography, with the right experience behind the camera creating the images. That is the most effective way to communicate and entice us into that choice and ultimately purchase your product or choose your brand.

I have years of food photography experience and have worked both in the studio and on-site creating mouth-watering images. I enjoy working with anyone within the hospitality industry, but also with the producers and retail worlds. I can work with anyone from the pumped-up energetic food truck owners and their exciting new food brand, to the lovely family-run burger joint. From hotel bars and restaurants to food manufacturers. But I am just as capable and at ease working with larger restaurant groups, chains and franchises.  With over 24 years in the industry driving my passion and years of invaluable experience, I will no doubt create images that will make our everyday food choices that much easier.