Professional Maternity Portraits.

Pregnancy can be hard, stressful, and even seemingly impossible at times, but when you look down at your bump and imagine meeting your baby for the first time, you know it’s all worth it. And what better way is there to capture all the intricacies and nuances of pregnancy, than with a custom made maternity shoot, dictated by your preferences.

Between the aching back and morning sickness, the excitement and anticipation finally gets to you. Beautiful changes occur to your body, and you suddenly want to preserve all the little things about pregnancy, because no matter how hard it may be, these not enough words to explain the joy of creation.

When you are ready to book a session, keep in mind that the ideal time for a shoot is between 27 and 36 weeks into pregnancy. In case of twins, it is best to book on the early side, between 27 and 30 weeks. In this time frame, the bump is magnificent and round, and you are still physically capable.

Choosing between an in-studio or on-location session can be difficult. Depending on your tastes, the studio shoot is generally more structured and set up, whereas the on-location shoot can vary between structured and lifestyle.

From the fine art, glamour and dramatic, to organic lifestyle photography, I can create beautiful images to suit all expectant mothers.