Architectural and interior photography are artistic disciplines onto themselves and among the most difficult of all photographic specialties. With over 20 years of experience and in a world dominated by generalist photographers, Ingrid offers architecture photography at its finest to architects, interior designers as well as institutions, hotels and retailers.

Ingrid’s work is characterized by personal attention to quality, an eye for details, pre-organization of the project and consistent communication with clients. Using current digital technology and employing her own personal style, Ingrid is able to craft beautiful images that evoke a sense of place and being. Using both natural and artificial light to capture the essence of a property or room, her retouching techniques, all of her images are crafted with an eye on creating a realistic representation that transports the viewer into the space.

After obtaining her photography diploma, she launched her photography career with a focus on interior and exterior spaces as she has always had an eye for architecture. Photography is the perfect mixture of science, art, and creativity for Ingrid’s innovative and imaginative mind.

Architectural Photography

Commercial Interiors

Ingrid has the expertise required to photograph your commercial interior. Trust an experienced photographer to capture the right angle of your architectural and interior design of any commercial space.

Residential Interiors

Interiors Designers, decorators, architects and craftsman require professional photography to display their professional experience and past work. My photographs’ capture the interior and architectural brilliance you have designed, created and made real.


To some, commercial industrial photography, manufacturing photography or product photography may not seem as glamorous or exciting as other photography areas. However, it is just as rewarding, interesting and important. Corporations wish to promote their services and products in an appealing way.


Trained professionally in all aspects of commercial photography, Ingrid’s experience and training coupled with the use of tilt shift lenses and photo editing, photographic images for builders, realtors, owners, architects and designers are created for various uses.


As a professional aerial photographer I employ the use of a helicopter or plane to photograph many properties within and outside the city of Winnipeg.

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