Products | Large + Small

There is no shortage of product photographers out there. Some are great to work with, others leave you wishing you’d done it yourself. Having photographed products for over 25 years, I have the experience of how to make your products look great online or on printed materials.

You’ve invested a lot in your product development, brand or business to get to this point. Now you need to make sure you have great imagery to get a return on all that sweat, cost and effort. While shooting products in a white tent may work for some, it doesn’t always produce the best result to drive the sales you want. So if you choose the professional approach, selecting the right product photographer is key.

My 2400 square foot studio has ample room to not only photograph your products, whether big or small, but it’s also large enough to organize all the items to keep the shoot flowing smoothly. I can also bring the studio to you with backdrops, professional lighting, computer and all will be brought to your location to capture just the right angles, under just the right light to photograph your product properly and effectively.

Your market is competitive, that is why it is important to capture your viewer’s attention immediately, entrust me to photograph your products creatively and correctly, the first time.