David Wood

Ingrid Misner has been our photographer of choice since at least 2014 when I joined the team at Temple Gardens. All of the best photographs on our website were taken by her hands and she will be an automatic choice when we next need high-quality images of our renovated hotel rooms. 

The shots that I attached are low res versions, for the purpose of attaching to an email, taken in 2016. Ingrid is not the cheapest in her field, and neither should she be. We are certain that the quality of these images, and others used in our marketing, are an important factor in our popularity as a destination. We should add that the pool shot was chosen because our mineral pool is a central part of the guest experience that we offer. Internally this particular image has become known as the “hero shot” because it is a default for so many of our marketing activities. We have certainly had our value from it.

~David Wood CHA, General Manager
Temple Gardens Hotel & Spa