Portraits come in many styles and under different names, but essentially we are there to capture the essence of a person. I offer a range of photography services to help you achieve the results you’re after and deserve. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? I can explain what services are right for you and tell you more about our fees. Get in touch below.

Professional Portraits

Executive Portraits

Professional, business or executive portraits provide the first step in getting to know or identify you. Make sure you make a great first impressions with a new headshot.

Business Groups

Corporate photographs of teams or small groups including the sales teams, executives or Board of Directors, are all must haves. I can create those on location or in the studio.


Your Real Estate agent photo or headshots for your business cards, banners and advertisements sell YOU and your services in today’s competitive market. It starts with a great photograph!

Musician + Actor

A Musicians portrait or Actors headshot is just one of the tools that you can utilize in your marketing. What type of image/portrait will best reflect who you are?

Personal Portraits

Window Light

For many portraits, nothing beats the natural beauty of window light. My studio has two unique window light settings that can fit just an individual to a larger group of people

Family in Studio

For family portraits we will work with your interests and goals in having the photograph. Family portraits commemorate a moment in time. The pictures will tell a story and create memories.

Family on Location

Perhaps you have a favourite park, urbans setting, your backyard or somewhere else that you’ve dreamed of seeing your family ‘captured’ for time immemorial?  I can make this vision come true!

Cottage + Lake Life

Your summer getaway spot is special to you and your family, and is also the location of where some of your most precious memories are created. Whether you imagine your family on the beach, by the lake, in the trees, in or outside the cottage, I will work with you to find out where those truly special spots are and will capture the portraits that you will enjoy for years to come.


Sometimes, we just want or need a nice portrait of ourselves – whether it’s for Graduation, the Military, for social media or online dating sites, a gift for family members, or to remember a special life event. I guarantee you a wonderful photo experience in my warehouse studio located in the historic Exchange District in downtown Winnipeg.

Babies + Children

Child and baby photography can often be the most challenging but always provides the most rewarding results. The pictures I capture in a child or baby portrait session will most often be hung proudly in the homes of the families for years to come.


Pregnancy can be hard, stressful, and even seemingly impossible at times, but when you look down at your bump and imagine meeting your baby for the first time, you know it’s all worth it. And what better way is there to capture all the intricacies and nuances of pregnancy, than with a custom made maternity shoot, dictated by your preferences.

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Let’s create something together.